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ARINC 664 Training Information



Crucial Knowledge currently has three ARINC 664-related courses available or in development. We also offer an 8-hour ARINC 429 Theory and Troubleshooting, which is a prerequisite for the ARINC 664-I & II training.


Ethernet/ARINC 664-I: A one day introductory course for students who will be involved in testing and troubleshooting of ARINC 664 based systems or equipment. This is the digital information transfer system used on the Airbus A380 and Boeing 787 aircraft. The course includes an overview of Ethernet equipment and theory, including the OSI 7 layer model, and the operational features of repeater hubs, bridges and routers. MAC protocol is covered along with a detailed description of Ethernet Frames. Full and half duplex Ethernet, different modulation schemes such as 4B/5B, Ethernet flow control, Pause operation, and Auto negotiation are covered. Part 2 of the ARINC 664 is reviewed, focusing on redundancy concepts, Integrity checking, abnormal bit transfers, link details, link budgets, and link calculations. Also covered are test procedures, cable characteristics, cable parameters, implementation guidelines and test equipment.


ARINC 664-II: A one day follow-on course to Ethernet/ARINC 664-I. This course focuses on Part 7 of the A664 specification. Topics covered in this course are the 7 layers of OSI as it applies to AFDX, TCP, UDP, IP and End System addressing. Allowable primitive data formats are defined and explained along with data message structures. The guidelines for ARINC 429 to AFDX formatting are presented and discussed along with an introduction and overview of testing recommendations for an AFDX system.


ARINC 664-III: A one day course covering fiber optics. This course is currently under development, with an anticipated availability date of mid- to late 2009.


NOTE: Students taking Ethernet/ARINC 664 I & II, should previously have taken the eight-hour ARINC 429 course or have a thorough knowledge of ARINC 429.


Topics covered in Ethernet/ARINC 664-1:


Instructor introduction

Topic Index


ARINC 429 Replacement

Ethernet Introduction

ARINC 664 Document Precedence

Ethernet Terms

Ethernet History

Ethernet Types

Ethernet Standards

OSI Seven Layer Model

OSI Seven Layer Description

10BASE-T Ethernet connection

Repeater Hub

LAN Network

Switching Hub / Bridge


Common Core System (CCS)

MAC Protocol

Ethernet Slot Time

Ethernet Diameter

Ethernet Frames

Ethernet Frame Preamble

Frame Destination Address

Frame Physical Address

Frame Source Address

Frame Type of Length

Frame Data/LLC

Frame Frame Check Sequence

Frame End of frame Detection

Fast Ethernet Encoding

Ethernet Modulation

4B/5B Encoding

Full Duplex Operation

Full Duplex Ethernet

Full Duplex Media Support

Ethernet flow control

MAC Control Protocol

Pause Operation

Pause Frame

Auto Negotiation

Part 2 ARINC 664 Spec

664 Acronyms

ARINC 664 Spec Parts

Redundancy Concepts

Integrity Checking

Abnormal Bit Transfers

Ethernet Physical layer Specifications

Link Details

Link Budgets

Link Calculator

Test Procedures

Cable Characteristics

Cable Parameters

Star-Quad and Quadrax Contacts

Aviation Topologies

Implementation Guidelines

Test Equipment


Review Answers

End Of Presentation



Topic Index for ARINC 664-II, AFDX Part 7:


Instructor introduction

Topic Index



Link Details

Link Budget

OSI seven layer model

AFDX Common Core System

7 levels vs. AFDX

AFDX messages

End System Physical interconnect

Addressing TCP

Addressing UDP

Addressing IP

End system addressing

IP Source addressing

IP Destination addressing

IPv4 vs. IPv6

IPv6 basics

Communication & SAP Port addressing


Port allocation numbers

Data format

Primitive data elements





Opaque data

Data alignment

Functional data sets

End systems

Domain vs. address allocation

ARINC 429 to AFDX conversion

Ethernet frame

A429 vs. A664 timing

Single label message

Multiple label message

Variable length opaque structures

BAG and Jitter



Topic Index for ARINC 664-III, Fiber Optic / Cabling


This course is currently under development

Expected availability date of mid- to late 2009.





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Authored by Gary Burch on October 29, 2008

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