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Aviation Electronics & Avionics Classes

Crucial Knowledge's avionics courses employ the "TEK" training approach, which was developed by Darryl Hokanson for the Rockwell Collins Joint Training Committee (JTC). The TEK approach accelerates training for both production and service center electronic technicians and reduces the cost of training.

This approach, used now by the Rockwell Collins JTC for more than 10 years, departs from the traditional method of training where each avionics unit was covered in itís entirety. With the TEK approach, training time is reduced by presenting short courses on avionics functional areas and technologies, reducing the time technicians must be away form their work stations.

For instance, most avionics units have similar synthesizers, so the synthesizer course is designed to cover all synthesizers. Similarly, the power supply course covers most avionics type supplies. Using this approach, a maintenance facility can select just the training courses they require to keep their technicians performing at maximum efficiency. All theory and troubleshooting courses include additional information on general troubleshooting techniques and procedures.